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AI Driven Business Benefits

Cost savings Increased Outputs Increased Profitability
Reduced Downtime Improved Customer Experience Increased Competitiveness


FusionX provides AI software development for our customers to build smarter, cognitive solutions for their business. Collaboratively we open up new AI opportunities that can – in a very real way – change the future. We leverage AI technology ecosystem, tools, platforms to help our customers develop these smarter, cognitive solutions. Our team has profound knowledge and experience in designing, implementing, and integrating artificial intelligence solutions within the customer’s business environment.

Being experienced in the next exponential
  • FusionX follows disruptive innovation approach in all our solutions, products. FusionX is a hub of INNOVATIVE solutions, products clearly aligned with business benefits, RoIs.
  • FusionX helps the Customers to transform their Business by leveraging the power of next exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, Robotics, XR, Drones with clear focus on Return on Investment.
  • FusionX combines technology expertise, hands-on experience of building innovative AI platforms, solutions and a trusted AI strategic partnerships for global enterprises that want to harness the power of AI to succeed in today's Intelligence Revolution.
  • FusionX offers services that democratizes Innovation and automates the end-to-end business processes. We work with businesses of all sizes to build innovative products from consulting to development, user training, support and maintenance.
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Our Solutions

Smart Factory

Smart Factory solution platform is a single system for all connected assets & operations – built in solutions such as predictive maintenance of machines, connected supply chain, assets traceability of material within & outside premises and operations planning.

Smart Store

Smart Store is an IoT enabled store management platform that include Smart Cart and Smart Shelf point solutions. It is a single system for in-store shelf design, product mix, product positioning, sales status, shelf refill, shelf management, Inventory management, store operations and customer experience

Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse is a solution platform for all assets and warehouse operations with built in solutions such as connected supply chain, inventory control, pick & ship, product finder and returns process to have full control over demand and supply.

Asset Tracking Solution

Asset Tracking Solution is built to track & trace the assets, machines, tools. This solution provides real-time, event based 100% visibility of tagged assets across warehouses, factory floors & shops. Single solution for all traceability technologies - RFID, WiFi, GPS, LoRAWAN, BLE.

Sustainability Retail AR

Sustainability Retail Augmented Reality application provides facility to customize, personalize based on different health parameter – allergy, lifestyle, medical conditions, calories and provides recommendation on any food product whether that is healthy for that Consumer

Smart EHS Application

Smart EHS application platform built to improve health & safety of the worker. Smart Helmet detects the overhead High Power Voltage cable to alert the worker and administrator. Fit-bands will monitor critical health parameters of worker and send alerts to administrator for the help.

Smart Fleet Solution

Smart Fleet Solution helps in optimization of vehicles, planning of the routes, proper control on the operations of the fleet, keeping a close watch on the some very important parameters like fuel, maintenance cycle, over speeding, unauthorized usages and driver driving behavior.

UBI Platform

UBI Platform for Smart Home is a connected solution for Insurer to gain usage of Smart devices inside insured home. Based on usage patterns Insurer can build Risk profiling & provide customized premium to customers. Also this solution provides mobility app for Insurer’s consumer to monitor usage of their Smart devices & facility to control them remotely. 


AI SERVICE OFFERINGS – Services tailored for every need and phase of the AI lifecycle

Software of things

    Sensor to Cloud application development

    Mobile & Web based Smart centers application development

    Integrations platform including last mile integrations

    Manage & Monitor Sensors, Devices and Send Alerts

IoT Platform Services

    Build applications on leading IoT Platforms – PTC Thingworx, AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Thingspeak, KAA, Eclipse

    Build microservices driven APIs, build integrations

    Build Mobile application integrated with IoT Platform

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  • Build Analytics, Dashboards

Extended Reality

    Personalized AR app development

    AR/VR platform based app development

    Connected AR/VR application development


    ROS based application development

    Robotics platform application development

    Software platform for Robotics

Our AI Development Work Across Industries


Harness the potential of AI to combat fraudulent activities with data analysis, plan budgets with smart financial apps and find better investment options with predictive analysis.


AI can be implemented in retail stores to predict customer behaviour, improve the efficiency of in-store processes and enable personalized recommendations for both owners and customers.


Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare ensures personalized treatment, provides effective diagnosis and facilitates predictions based on the data and recommendations.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Leverage AI to facilitate invoice processing and accurate demand forecasting, enhance the customer experience and automate monotonous data-related tasks.


Use the power of AI to manage claims processing smartly, improve user interactions with AI chatbots and enable customer-focused services with machine learning and data science.

Our Disruptive Innovation Approach



Goal alignment

Design thinking workshop

rototype Design



Design the complete product - The features, components

Architecture – Serverless, System, Data flow, Functional

Integration platform, API

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Product Development

Unit Test

Rebuild as required



System testing

User Acceptance testing



Production Deployment

Cut Over strategy

Meet FusionX

About Us

We are team of certified, experienced in next exponential technologies such as AI, IoT, Robotics, XR, Drones, 3D Printing. We are a team of Data Scientists, AI analysts, ML engineer, BI experts, Architect and Full-stack developers.

Being innovators, we have filed numerous patents across these exponential technology solutions. Also built many unique patentable solutions at par with OEMs & Product companies

We are team, which is comprises of IITians, NITians & MTechs, of talented, passionate, exceptional professionals who has multi-year experience on building innovations as well as successfully executing the INNOvation-As-A-Service model.

Our expertise are focused on AI, ML, Data Science, IoT, XR, Robotics tech areas, building unique/patentable MVPs/solutions, driving the IT & Product roadmap, advising the business leaders on next exponential technologies with special focus on building new revenue streams.

Being Thought Leaders & Design Thinkers, we have built and provided numerous PoVs along with benefits, conducted many workshops across businesses focused on the next exponential technologies

Why work with US?

Thought Leadership with focus on next exponential technologies

Solution Accelerators to expedite overall delivery cycle

Dedicated focus on Patents to continue innovation charter

Experienced, Certified team in next exponential technologies

Unique Patentable solutions align with industry’s business processes

Partner ecosystem support the end-to-end services

Platform providers

Contact Us

615, Global Business Hub, Opposite to EON IT Park Kharadi, Pune-411014, Maharashtra, India